ERG Gallery - GB7ZP Gateway

The Internet Gateway for GB7ZP which interfaces to the Icom ID-RP2C Logic controller is a 1U high 19" unit and runs CentOS Linux

  • Intel 1.86GHz Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB Solid State Disk
  • Click for Close-ups of the Jetway NF9D-2550 motherboard
    - Small , Large
  • Onboard Realtek 8111 Dual LAN
  • OS: Centos 7 Linux - similar to Redhat
  • External Network Address translation by Netgear RP614 router
NB: The current box installed in July-2019 for Icom-G3 software succeeds the original 2012 one used for Icom G2 on Centos-5

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