GB3ER 70cm FM Voice Repeater

GB3ER is the primary UHF FM voice repeater for Essex. Based at Danbury Hill near Chelmsford, its central location makes it ideal for coverage of the middle of the county. Its has Mk2 CUL logic and a set of 6-cavities from Procom/Telewave allow single aerial working.

Status: RF On - ER-3 in service

Frequency 434.675MHz Input, 433.075MHz Output, Channel RB3 (RU246)
Transceiver Based on a pair of ADI AR446s (Courtesy of W&S)
Access Continuous CTCSS-Only, Tone-H 110.9Hz, Ack='R'
Power 25W erp
Antenna Procom 5dB Colinear
NGR TL 779 050
Locator JO01GR
Antenna Height 110m above mean sea level (Base of mast is 100m msl)

The ERG Gallery has pictures of the ER Radios and Aerial.


  • GB3ER was migrated to CTCSS-only on 21-Jun-2015 as part of the ER-3 installation
  • ER-3 uses a pair of ADI 446 radios
  • This succeeds the original ER-1 and spare ER-2 systems that used Tait 196 radios
  • ERG plans includes an ER-4 upgrade - based on a Yaesu DR2-XE Fusion repeater