GB7ZP 70cm D-Star

GB7ZP is a relatively new ERG system to encourage D-Star Digital Voice activity in central Essex. Formerly based at the qth of Clive G1EUC in Danbury, it is now based in the Chelmsford area with MB7IDA.

Status: RF Off Air - pending installation - Gateway back online after upgrades

Frequency Input 430.4875 MHz, Output 439.4875 MHz   (DVU39)
Transceiver Icom RP4000V and RP2C Logic Controller
Power 25W erp
Antenna Colinear, vertically polarised
NGR TL 730 039
Locator JO01GQ
Coverage Map GB7ZP

Gateway users should ensure they are registered for the G2 network.
W&S offer to do this for customers and local users of GB7ZP/GB7SS - Click Here

D-Star Guide: A quick one pager on D-Star - ERG D-Star Guide

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    The ERG Gallery has pictures of the System units, Duplexer, Logic and Gateway

    2016: Controller has been upgraded. Radio/aerial install planned.
    Our thanks to ETCC for handling the new Licence application